A Thousand Ways to Shine

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A new year has started at Shulamith High School for Girls, and with it, a new season for opportunities, challenges, and exploration. Interested in coding? There’s a club for that. Fascinated by how detectives gather evidence at a crime scene? There is a club for that, too. Want to create a fashion portfolio? Why not join that club?

Last week, the students of Shulamith sampled a wide variety of clubs and co-curricular offerings, and this week they began their explorations in earnest. Students in the Shakespeare elective started studying the famous playwright’s works, and they will cap this experience by going to London to explore his hometown. STEM students will collaborate on robotics challenges, engineering projects, and design thinking. Aspiring chefs will participate in a Chopped club and learn classical cooking techniques on their way to creating gourmet meals. In Fashion Design, students will begin creating their first fashion masterpieces.

The school also launched a number of interschool and intramural sports programs, including tennis, basketball, track and field, and yoga, giving its avid student-athletes an outlet for boosting their fitness while building their skills and practicing teamwork and sportsmanship.

The diverse menu of electives and clubs complements a full program of limudei kodesh studies and academic disciplines, which are themselves taught in ways that promote active exploration, inquiry, and discovery every day. Taken together, they cultivate in each Shulamith student intrinsic motivation and entice her to venture outside her comfort zone, as she tries out experiences she may have never imagined herself enjoying. Shulamith is stimulating its students into new ways of thinking outside the box, as they conceive new visions of their future selves in school, careers, and life.

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