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Operations Manager

Posted: 27 June, 2018

Responsible to: High School Principal, and collaborates with HS Leadership Team and Business Office.

Classification: Full-time


About the job:
Growing girls’ high school in Cedarhurst is seeking an experienced operations manager.  Must be dependable, responsible, accurate, take initiative, while being detail-oriented and a multi-tasker.

Responsible for:
All day-to-day operations that support the academic program of the high school.  This includes but is not limited to office management, project management (including scheduling and calendar), personnel administration, facilities, transportation, purchasing, and external affairs.

The Operations Manager will ensure a safe, clean, and welcoming environment in which all Shulamith students and faculty can become their best selves. The Operations Manager will further ensure that all operational staff support the Shulamith High School mission and core values.



Office management

  1. Computer skills
    1. Maintain and update learning management and student management and communication systems; make recommendations for improving them.
    2. Train and support staff in software applications.
    3. Investigate and make recommendations for adoption of new software applications.
  2. Supply maintenance
    1. Monitor and maintain classroom, office, and faculty workroom supplies inventory.
    2. Review and approve office supply acquisitions.
    3. Monitor and oversee office equipment contracts and maintenance.
  3. Record keeping
    1. Maintain student and staff attendance records; prepare reports of attendance for business office.
    2. Establish, implement, and monitor procedures for student and staff record keeping.
    3. Oversee student medication dispensation and injury reports.
    4. Design, implement, and maintain filing systems.
    5. Ensure security and confidentiality of data.

School Calendar

  1. Oversee implementation of the school calendar
    1. Schedule events, programs, and special visitors.
    2. Maintain Google Calendar.
    3. Create bimonthly and monthly calendars.
    4. Communicate weekly schedule changes to staff.
    5. Manage scheduling changes due to teacher absences and/or room changes.
    6. Create and manage exam schedules and proctoring assignments.

Student Schedules

  1. Manage individual student schedules, schedule requests and changes.
  2. Manage billing and record keeping for Learning Lab private tutoring and learning lab sessions

Project Management

  1. Manage large projects and events, such as parent-teacher conferences, student orientation, faculty professional development days, Regents and PSAT testing, report cards, and graduation.
    1. Order supplies.
    2. Assign faculty duties.
    3. Prepare building and spaces.
    4. Notify security and maintenance of building needs.
    5. Negotiate and communicate with vendors.
  2.  Design, implement, and oversee timeline and to do list for each project.
  3. Coordinate and manage work flow to ensure timely completion of projects.

Personnel administration

  1. Track teacher absences and arrange supervision.
  2. Assign and monitor administrative responsibilities among office staff.
  3. Coordinate office staff activities to ensure efficiency.
  4. Allocate resources to facilitate and support task performance.
  5. Recruit and secure temporary and volunteer staff.
  6. Train, support, coach, and manage office staff.
  7. Manage internal staff relations.


  1. Manage custodial staff and daily space needs.
  2. Oversee building maintenance.
  3. Create and improve systems for organizing HS closets and storage.
  4. Make recommendations for improvements in HS facility and organizational needs.


  1. Arrange and manage transportation for daily school needs and for trips.
  2. Arrange and manage travel for staff attending conferences and other professional development.


  1. Prepare and maintain purchase orders and other expense records.
  2. Manage petty cash.
  3. communicate with business office re school budget and orders.

External affairs

  1. Liaise with business office and other divisions re space needs, schedule coordination, etc.
  2. Liaise with other schools, outside agencies, parents, and the public at large.


  1. Promote a positive school climate by ensuring that all communication with staff, students, parents, and the community are prompt, efficient, helpful, and friendly.
  2. Identify challenges and work to solve them constructively in consultation with the principal and other colleagues.
  3. Seek out and participate in professional development personally, and for other office staff.
  4. Perform all other duties that may be assigned by the principal from time to time.


  1. A business degree or its equivalent
  2. A minimum of two years of administrative experience, preferably in a school.
  3. Knowledge of office practices and procedures: data management, administrative management, human resources management, and clerical systems.
  4. Computer skills and knowledge of office software packages.
  5. Previous operations management experience preferred.
  6. Knowledge of Hebrew preferred.

Salary range: $50,000-$60,000.

To apply for this position, please email resume and cover letter to Please type “Detail-oriented Operations Manager” in the subject heading.