Rina Zerykier, Principal

Known for her energy, vision, and professionalism, Ms. Rina Zerykier joined Shulamith High School as the founding principal, committed to vibrant education both in and out of the classroom. Ms. Zerykier is particularly passionate about creating a warm student culture, replete with creative teaching and broad thinking about curriculum planning and design. Always thinking outside of the box, she inspires students and teachers alike to improve and redefine education.

Ms. Zerykier holds a bachelor’s degree in social science from Adelphi University and a master’s degree in political science from Brooklyn College. She completed the Educators Fellowship Program with Hebrew University and the ELAI Leadership Fellowship with Bar Ilan University. In addition, shew attended the Modern Zionism seminar at the Institute for the Study of Modern Israel. Ms. Zerykier attended the Harvard Principals’ Center and graduated the Day School Leadership Institute at the Davidson School for Education. She has over a decade of teaching experience, extracurricular programming, and teacher training at the Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School. Ms. Zerykier is a part of the North Woodmere community, where she lives with her husband and four sons.


Ms. Tobi Bain, Administrative Assistant

Hailing from sunny Miami, Ms. Tobi Bain has been working in school offices for over half of her life. Her easygoing and innovative approach makes her an asset to students, faculty, and parents.

Ms. Bain has worked in Camp Sternberg and Camp Dina, bringing her creative talents to the forefront in a culinary program for teenagers and young adults with special needs. Ms. Bain has extensive professional experience as the school secretary for Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island and Be’er Hagolah Insititute.


Ms. Shira Botnick, Director of Guidance

​Ms. ​Shira Botnick’s warmth, creativity, and insight make her an asset to the Shulamith team. She develops and implements all aspects of our growing guidance department. Shira facilitates social-emotional development workshops as well as meets individually with each student. Her holistic approach fosters a supportive atmosphere in which our students can flourish and actualize their potential.

Ms. Botnick holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Psychology from Yeshiva University as well as a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College. She is a licensed therapist with extensive clinical experience, working with people of varied ages and backgrounds both in New York and Israel.


Ms. Ricky Gaerman, Director of Learning Lab

Ms. Ricky Gaerman is committed to developing a Learning Lab with a dynamic, student-centered, interdisciplinary environment where students grow, progress, reflect, and ultimately thrive as learners, young adults, and citizens of the modern world. While Ms. Gaerman is skilled at adapting research-based pedagogies to help students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences meet their short and long term academic goals, Ms. Gaerman is passionate about creating opportunities for all students to develop and refine their academic selves.

Ms. Gaerman holds a dual bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology from Brooklyn College (CUNY) and a master’s degree in Literacy Specialist from Teacher’s College Columbia University. She has years of experience working with neurodiverse students in both clinic and school settings including HAFTR Middle School and Columbia University’s Dean Hope Center for Educational Services.


Ms. Shelley Adelson

Ms. Shelley Adelson is a multi-media artist who focuses on creating a successful interplay between figurative and non-representational elements. Ms. Adelson’s goal is to teach her students how to combine technical art skills, the history of art, and emotions, as a basis for original artwork. Along with creating, Ms. Adelson has taught art in Israel to underprivileged children through the Counterpoint missions and Art in Ort. She has also participated in painting a street mural in New York City, created props for major Broadway shows, and most recently worked in design. Ms. Adelson joins Shulamith High School for Girls to teach the freshman and sophomore art classes, direct the Studio Art program, and serve as the resident art expert.

Ms. Adelson holds a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a focus in Set Design and Art History from Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Courses & Clubs: Visual Art, Studio Art, Interior Design Club, Photography Club, Art Commission, Set Design, Fashion Design Club


Ms. Raina Butler

Ms. Raina Butler is an enthusiastic part of our Studio Inna fitness team. With a master’s degree in Education and Special Education, as well as experience working with teens inside and outside of the classroom, Raina synthesizes creative exercise interventions with progressive didactic approaches. Raina has created an intensive fitness program for adolescent girls with a focus on team building that creates better confidence and self esteem. Her dynamic personality and unique academic pedigree have helped to solidify her reputation as a top local youth fitness instructor.

Courses & Clubs: Core Training, Dance Club


Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum

Using student-centered approaches, Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum assists students in growing into confident lifelong learners. Rabbi Feigenbaum makes every class relevant and therefore interesting, enlightening, and entertaining. Rabbi Feigenbaum is a musmach of RIETS, where he has also earned a specialty certificate in halachik fertility issues. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Yeshiva University, a master’s degree in Jewish Education, and a specialty certificate in Educational Technology from The Azrieli School of Jewish Education and Administration. Rabbi Feigenbaum brings decades of experience teaching Torah Shebaal Peh, Chumash, Navi, and Halacha. Rabbi Feigenbaum was in Memphis as the Rabbi of the Young Israel and teaching at the Margolin Hebrew Academy. He is currently the Rabbi of the Irving Place Minyan.

Course: 10th Grade Halacha


Ms. Amy Hiller

Ms. Amy Hiller comes to us through Studio Inna to teach our students yoga. She holds certifications in the Kripalu style of Hatha yoga and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She is currently teaching women’s yoga locally at Studio Inna as well as at Peaceful Presence Yoga Studio. Amy has taught children and teens in school and camp settings. Amy holds a master’s degree in Education from Queens College.

The physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga continues to inspire Amy to share her love of yoga with others.


Ms. Tamara Klein, Teaching Mentor

Ms. Tamara Klein is passionate about her love for English education. Ms. Klein’s love for reading began at youth with Dr. Seuss books, she then graduated to anything she could get her hands on: newspapers, novels, and her parents now obsolete set of Encyclopedia Britannica.

She enjoyed every possibility of exploring literature from different times and places. In addition to teaching English, Ms. Klein coordinates Book Day, runs the confidence club, our “Lunch n’ Lit” program and the mother-daughter Fashion Show.

Ms. Klein graduated Summa Cum Laude from Queens College and further pursued her master’s in English at Queens College. She has several years of teaching experience, from Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio to Masores Bais Yaakov High School and at Manhattan High School for Girls. As a seasoned teacher, Ms. Klein will be serving as a teacher mentor.

Courses, Clubs & Events: 

English, Confidence Club, Book Day, Lunch n’ Lit


Ms. Rebecca Lopkin, Director of Performing Arts

As the Director of Performing Arts and Theater, Ms. Rebecca Lopkin teaches a Public Speaking core class to our freshmen, coordinates our Fine Arts Masterpiece program, and directs school plays and the Yom Hashoah production.

As the artistic director and founder of Envision Theater, Ms. Lopkin brings fairy tales, or even Chaucer to life.

Ms. Lopkin holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New York University’s program in Educational Theater. She has over eighteen years of teaching experience in Jewish day schools.

Courses, clubs & events: Public Speaking, Deconstructing Culture, Broadcast Journalism, Masterpiece Program Coordinator, Backstage with the Bard Club, iMovie and Screenwriting Club, Evening of the Arts, School Production Director, Yom HaShoah Commemoration


Ms. Emma Mael, Teaching & Special Events Fellow

Ms. Emma Mael joins the staff at Shulamith High School as a teaching fellow. Ms. Mael is completing her bachelor’s in Judaic Studies with a minor in Education at Stern College for Women, and is working towards a master’s in Jewish Education at Azrieli Graduate School for Education. She has a wide range of experiences with youth in both formal and informal educational settings such as various summer programs, most recently as the girls’ head counselor of Morasha Yachad. Ms. Mael is excited to bring her passion for sharing Torah and creative event planning to Shulamith!

Programs: Chessed, Tefillah Workshops


Ms. Temima Miller, Athletics Coordinator

In addition to working as the athletics director, Ms. Temima Miller coaches our softball club and will coordinate the logistics for all of our athletic leagues. Originally from Israel, Coach T has immersed herself in sports: playing for the Israel Association of Baseball, coaching in camps, and competing in college softball. With a passion for chessed and Zionism, Coach T can be found supporting so many of our high school programs.

Clubs & Events: Softball Team, Yom HaZikaron Commemoration, Celebrate Israel Parade Coordinator, Yom Ha’Atzmaut BBQ, Chessed Committee


Ms. Naomi Munk

Originally from Israel, Ms. Naomi Munk brings her Israeli passion to every classroom she teaches in—a passion that resonates with her students. Ms. Munk’s goal is for every student to walk away from her classroom comfortable and proud speaking Hebrew. Her ultimate mission is for students to appreciate Hebrew as the language that is the foundation of our people, land, and religion. Ms. Munk achieves this goal through a rigorous curriculum that she has created and utilized in many schools, including Bruriah High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and most recently in Block Yeshiva High School in St. Louis. This curriculum includes a focus on the analysis of Hebrew literature, an absorption of Hebrew vocabulary through experiential education, and a study of Israeli history and culture.

Ms. Munk received her bachelor’s degree from Bar Ilan University, and furthered her studies in Orot in Israel. She has lectured frequently on pedagogical approaches to learning Hebrew in the United States and Canada. When not in the classroom, you can find Ms. Munk developing her other passions: exercising, taking (very long) walks, and sitting in coffee shops (while speaking Hebrew, of course!).

Courses & Clubs: Ivrit, Ulpan, Hebrew Café Club, Chidon HaTanach, Torah Bowl


Ms. Shifra Raskin, Student Advisor

Ms. Shifra Raskin was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes. A life-long love of anything math-related has led her to join the faculty of Shulamith as a mathematics teacher.

Ms. Raskin received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Stern College for Women and a master’s degree in Biostatistics from Columbia University. Ms. Raskin spent several years as a statistician in the healthcare industry before transitioning to a career in teaching. Ms. Raskin brings her passion and enthusiasm for working with teens from her time as head counselor in Camp Sternberg to her role as teacher and mentor
in Shulamith.

Courses & Clubs: Algebra, Chess Club, Improv Club, School Band


Ms. Seffi Schofield

Ms. Seffi Schofield has a love of all things history. Ms. Schofield enjoys traveling and brings her journeys and imagination into her classroom. A theater enthusiast, she makes history come alive and compels students to question the past. It is Ms. Schofield’s belief that every student should be challenged and inspired.

Ms. Schofield graduated Summa Cum Laude from Queens College with a dual bachelor’s degree in History and Jewish Studies. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Social Studies Education at Queens College. After teaching in the NYC public school system for several years, Ms. Schofield is thrilled to be joining the Shulamith family.

Courses, Clubs & Events: Global Studies, Leading Ladies Club, Election Event, A Night to Remember, Drama Coach, Masterpiece Committee


Ms. Miriam Siegel

Ms. Miriam Siegel brings her passion for educating students and her deep caring for each student’s individual success and growth. A certified math geek, she absolutely loves math and loves helping students to acquire essential skills. She experiences tremendous nachat when students who claim to “hate math” or to be “bad at math”, end up proclaiming that “math is fun!” Ms. Siegel is continually fascinated by the different ways that students learn and teaches concepts in a number of different ways, depending on the unique needs of the student.

Ms. Siegel is New York State certified in Special Education K-12 and Mathematics Education 7-12. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brandeis University and a master’s of Science in Special Education K-12 and Math Education 7-12 from Hofstra University. She has over a decade of experience teaching math at the high school level to students with and without learning disabilities.

Courses: Math Lab, Math Support


Rabbi Ya’akov Trump

As our Halacha teacher, Rabbi Ya’akov Trump’s classes are punctuated by thoughtful conversations analyzing the Torah and its relevance to contemporary times.

Rabbi Trump holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Yeshiva University, attended Ner Israel and completed the semichah program at RIETS. He currently serves as the Assistant Rabbi of the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst and works as a student advisor in Yeshiva University in Undergraduate Torah Studies. Rabbi Trump has teaching experience in his native South Africa, and organized and led educational programming in a high school in Chicago. Rabbi Trump coordinated the Shabbos Project Initiative for the Five Towns and brings that energy and inspiration to our students at Shulamith.

Course: 9th Grade Halacha


Ms. Bidy Winkler

An incredibly fun and creative thinker, Ms. Bidy Winkler teaches foreign language at Shulamith High School. Ms. Winkler has taught for more than a decade in many educational institutions: including in New York City Department of Education, Queens College, Yeshiva University High School for Girls, and Stella K. Abraham. Her natural talent for teaching is apparent in her professional, inventive, and structured lessons. She is fluent in both Spanish and French. Ms. Winkler received a bachelor’s and master’s with high honors in Hispanic Languages and Literature from Queens College where she was the president of the Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honor Society.

Courses: Spanish Electives


Ms. Adina Wolf, Student Advisor & Mechanechet

Ms. Adina Wolf aspires to connect with and inspire her students through the magnetic force of Torah and the strings of her guitar. As a daughter of our school posek, Rabbi Mordechai Willig, we are excited to have Ms. Wolf spearheading the dynamic new Shorashim course, teaching Navi, and leading the guitar club.

An alumnus of Michlalah Jerusalem College and Stern College for Women, where she majored in Psychology and Judaic Studies, she combines a warmth for our girls with a passion for Yahadut and an enthusiasm for teaching. Ms. Wolf and her family live in Woodmere where she serves as a Rebbetzin at the Young Israel of Woodmere.

Courses & Clubs: Torah, Navi, Guitar Club


Ms. Leah Zami, Student Government Advisor

In college, Ms. Leah Zami majored in Biochemistry, which allowed her to fuse her interests in science and behavior in order to understand the application of chemical principles in the human realm. She believes that science should be fun and accessible and that inside every student is a budding Marie Curie.

Ms. Zami holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Barnard College where she was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and won The American Institute of Biochemistry Award. She brings years of research experience at the Troy Lab at Columbia University Medical Center, providing our students with the hands-on tools they need to apply their scientific knowledge. Always thinking out of the box and a veteran summer camp enthusiast, Ms. Zami will also organize our student Shabbatons, Rosh Chodesh celebrations, and Yom Ha’atzmaut commemoration.

Courses, clubs & events: Biology, Chemistry, Volleyball Club, Yom Ha’atzmaut Commemoration, Student Government, Shabbaton Coordinator