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Rina Zerykier

Known for her energy, vision, and professionalism, Mrs. Rina Zerykier joined Shulamith High School as the founding principal, committed to vibrant education both in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Zerykier is particularly passionate about creating a warm student culture, replete with creative teaching and broad thinking about curriculum planning and design. Always thinking outside of the box, she inspires students and teachers alike to improve and redefine education.

Mrs. Zerykier holds a bachelor’s degree in social science from Adelphi University and a master’s degree in political science from Brooklyn College. She completed the Educators Fellowship Program with Hebrew University and the ELAI Leadership Fellowship with Bar Ilan University. In addition, she attended the Modern Zionism seminar at the Institute for the Study of Modern Israel. Mrs. Zerykier attended the Harvard Principals’ Center and graduated the Day School Leadership Institute at the Davidson School for Education. She has over a decade of teaching experience, extracurricular programming, and teacher training at the Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School. Mrs. Zerykier is a part of the North Woodmere community, where she lives with her husband and four sons.
COURSES: Hashkafa / American History

Rabbi Craig Lubner
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Rabbi Lubner holds a BSC (Hons) in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Cape Town. He learned in Yeshivat Har Etzion for six years, where he also served as the Director of their Overseas students program. Rabbi Lubner did his undergraduate training in Education at the Herzog College of Education in Alon Shevut, Israel. Rabbi Lubner is a graduate of Bar Ilan University’s Educational Leadership Advancement Initiative, The William Davidson Graduate School of Education’s Day School Leadership Training Institute and Harvard University’s Art of Leadership program. Rabbi Lubner has had 9 years of experience in High School education and administration in the Yeshivah of Flatbush, where he served as the Assistant Principal, Chair of Science and teacher of both Judaic and General studies. Rabbi Lubner is passionate about teaching and learning. He is dedicated to teaching excellence, promoting reflective practice and supporting teachers in developing their craft. He is a committed ‘foodie’ and loves cooking. He lives with his wife and three sons in West Hempstead.
COURSES & CLUBS: AP Biology / Biology / Holocaust Studies


Ms. Ricky Gaerman
Director of Student Life & Learning

Ms. Ricky Gaerman is committed to developing a dynamic, student-centered, and positive learning environment where students grow, progress, reflect, and ultimately thrive as learners, young adults, and citizens of the modern world. While Ms. Gaerman is skilled at adapting research-based pedagogies to help students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences meet their short and long term academic goals, Ms. Gaerman is also passionate about creating opportunities for all students to develop and refine their academic selves.

Ms. Gaerman holds a dual bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology from Brooklyn College (CUNY) and a master’s degree in Literacy and Learning Differences from Teacher’s College Columbia University. Ms. Graerman is currently enrolled in Azrieli’s Executive Doctoral Program in Leadership in Jewish Education. Ms. Gaerman attended the Harvard Principal’s Center and Hidden Sparks trainings. She has years of experience working with students in both clinic and school settings, including HAFTR Middle School and Columbia University’s Dean Hope Center for Educational Services.
COURSES: SAFE: Social-Emotional Learning

Ms. Malka Fishman
Executive Director

Malka Fishman grew up in Toronto and came to New York to attend Touro College. After graduating with a B.A. and Masters degrees, she settled in Long Beach with her seven children. She is very active in her community, organizing and spearheading many programs including the Annual Dinner in her shul.

Ms. Fishman brings with her over twenty years of managerial experience in the educational and non-profit sectors. She served as Director of Development and Director of Admissions in Bnos Bais Yaakov of Far Rockaway. Ms. Fishman also held the position of Director of Orah Day Camp for 16 years, which under her leadership grew to become one of the largest Orthodox girls’ day camps in the New York metropolitan area.

Ms. Chaya Shrem
Director of Finance

A veteran employee, Ms. Chaya Shrem has been responsible for student enrollment, tuition agreements, and liaison for financial assistance at Shulamith for the past sixteen years. Ms. Shrem holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baruch College (Magna Cum Laude) and is currently completing her Public Accounting degree at Brooklyn College.

Ms. Shrem is committed to working with all Shulamith parents to determine the financial arrangement that suits them best. She is readily available for any financial inquiry.



Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum
Judaics Studies Teacher, Educational Leadership Team

Using student-centered approaches, Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum assists students as they grow into confident lifelong learners. Rabbi Feigenbaum makes every class relevant and therefore interesting, enlightening, and entertaining. Rabbi Feigenbaum is a musmach of RIETS, where he also earned a specialty certificate in halachic fertility issues. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yeshiva University, a master’s degree in Jewish education and a specialty certificate in educational technology from the Azrieli School of Jewish Education and Administration. Rabbi Feigenbaum brings decades of experience teaching Torah Sheb’al Peh, Chumash, Navi, and Halacha. Rabbi Feigenbaum previously served as the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Memphis, where he also taught at the Margolin Hebrew Academy. He is currently the Rabbi of the Irving Place Minyan.
COURSES: Chumash / Halacha  / Hashkafa

Yaakov Trump (2)

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump
Judaics Studies Teacher, Educational Leadership Team

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump serves as the Associate Rabbi of the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst. He was recently involved as hub coordinator of the Shabbos Project in the Five Towns-Far Rockaway, bringing thousands of people together in raising the bar of Shabbos. Rabbi Trump teaches Halacha at the Shulamith High School for girls.

Rabbi Trump grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating high school, he spent several years in Kerem B’Yavneh in Israel, followed by Ner Yisroel in Baltimore. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Yeshiva University and has taken multiple actuarial exams. While completing Semicha at RIETS, he served as Rabbinic Intern in Kesher Israel DC, Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, and the Beth Din of America. He spent two years as Rabbinic fellow of the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago, creating new programs and shiurim.

It is his mission to share with his students his passion for the Torah and its relevance in contemporary times. He and his wife, Malka, and their children, live in Lawrence.

COURSE: Halacha / Parsha

Ms. Tamara Klein
English Teacher, Educational Leadership Team

Ms. Tamara Klein is passionate about her love for English education. Her love for reading began in her youth with Dr. Seuss books. She then graduated to anything she could get her hands on: newspapers, novels, and her parents’ now-obsolete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. She enjoys exploring literature from different times and places, and encourages her students to see how classic texts, no matter how old, can still have real-world connections and resonance. In addition to teaching English, Ms. Klein coordinates Book Day and the mother-daughter Confidence Brunch.

Ms. Klein graduated summa cum laude from Queens College and further completed her master’s degree in English at Queens College. She has over 10 years of teaching experience, from Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio to Manhattan High School for Girls. She is also a trained and certified teacher mentor, through the Jewish New Teacher Program, and is currently enrolled in Prizmah’s You Lead program for teacher leaders.
COURSES & CLUBS: English / Jewish History


Ms. Evie Hoffman
Admissions & Communications Coordinator

Ms. Evie Hoffman was born and raised locally, in West Hempstead. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from LIM College, with a concentration in Special Events, where she was a member of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society. Shortly after graduation, Ms. Hoffman relocated to Palo Alto, California. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, she began a career in marketing, communications, and special events. After a seven year stay in California, Ms. Hoffman, with her husband and their three daughters, moved back to New York. Ms. Hoffman returns to Shulamith, excited to guide prospective students and families through the admissions process.

Ms. Daniella Cohen
High School Logistics Coordinator

Ms. Daniella Cohen is the operations manager at Shulamith High School. Daniella holds a BA in psychology from Stern College and has recently completed her Masters in Social Work from Hunter College. From her years of experience working with teens for NCSY, Daniella brings passion and excitement to the Shulamith team. Daniella is committed to creating a smooth and warm environment for faculty and students.

Ms. Esty Munk
Student Activities Coordinator

Esty Munk is originally from St. Louis where she graduated from Block Yeshiva High School. She spent her gap year in Michlala, and subsequently received her degree in Jewish Education and Biology with a minor in Psychology from Stern College in NYC. While there, she directed several musical productions, and was the president of the Public Health Student Association as well as an ambassador for the Sharsharet orginazation international. Esty joins the Shulamith team as the Student Activities Coordinator. When Esty isn’t working she enjoys leading trips to Israel or sitting back at a Broadway show!

Ms. Avigail Salman

Ms. Avigail Salman is happy to be joining Shulamith HS as Office Manager and assistant to the principal. Her friendly personality and keen sense of organization make her a natural fit for the position. Avigail holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Brooklyn College and is currently pursuing an MBA in Management from Long Island University. She looks forward to enhancing her management skills by assisting in the daily operations and special programming of the school.


Ms. Ettie Bersson
Learning Lab Specialist and AP Psychology Teacher

Combining professionalism and passion, Ms. Ettie Bersson joins the Shulamith team as the AP Psychology and Chumash teacher, and Learning Lab Specialist. As a licensed social worker with the inner spirit of a teen, she strives to imbue her students with a love for learning and the feeling of success in a creative, enjoyable way. Through her involvement in various school functions and activities, Ms. Bersson is also excited to channel her love for Torah and ruchnius to inspire the students in their own spiritual paths. Ms. Bersson holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science from Mercy College and a master’s degree in social work from Long Island University. After working in various settings in the professional social work field, as well as working with teens in camp and school settings, Ms. Bersson is thrilled to join the Shulamith family.
COURSES & CLUBS: AP Psychology / Student Goverment / Churmush / SAFE: Social Emotional learning

Rabbi Heshy Blumstein
Judaics Studies Teacher

Rabbi Heshy Blumstein has had the honor of teaching Torah to Jews all all ages , yet finds his greatest passion in teaching young adults , the future leaders of our people.

Rabbi Blumstein serves as the Rabbi of Yismach Moshe at The Premier, where he has the pleasure of leading a diverse congregation of all ages and backgrounds. He is also the director of the executive learning program for the Jewish Enrichment Center in NYC.

Previously , Rabbi Blumstein was the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Hewlett for 18 years. He taught Judaic studies in the Hebrew Academy of the Five towns for 15 years. He studied in the great Mirrer Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael and received his semicha from Yeshivat ITRI.

Rabbi Blumstein is excited to teach in Shulamith because he loves the warmth, love and the spiritual energy of our school.

COURSES & CLUBS: Chumash / Navi / Chassidut / Pirkei Avot


Ms. Shira Botnick
Guidance Counselor

Ms. Shira Botnick’s warmth, creativity, and insight make her an asset to the Shulamith team. She develops and implements all aspects of our growing guidance department. Shira facilitates social-emotional development workshops and also meets individually with each student. Her holistic approach fosters a supportive atmosphere in which our students can flourish and actualize their potential.
Ms. Botnick holds a dual bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology from Yeshiva University, as well as a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Brooklyn College. She is a licensed therapist with extensive clinical experience, working with people of varied ages and backgrounds both in
New York and Israel.
COURSES: SAFE: Social-Emotional learning

Ms. Tzivia Brandwein
Science Teacher

Ms. Tzivia Brandwein completed her Master’s in Science (Biology) Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University and holds an Honors Degree in Biology from York University in Toronto, with a focus in Cell and Molecular Biology. She has five years of experience teaching and tutoring students in grades 1 through 12 in science and mathematics, and served on the leadership team of Project START Science Canada—a program that develops and leads STEM workshops for inner-city elementary school students—from 2014 to 2017. Ms. Bergman is passionate about helping students develop an awe and appreciation for the intricacy of Hashem’s creations as they build their skills in thinking, solving and learning in science.

COURSES: Biology

Raina (1)

Ms. Raina Butler

Ms. Raina Butler is an enthusiastic part of the Woodmere Fitness Club team. With a master’s degree in Education and Special Education, as well as experience working with teens inside and outside of the classroom, Raina synthesizes creative exercise interventions with progressive didactic approaches. Raina has created an intensive fitness program for adolescent girls with a focus on team building that creates better confidence and self esteem. Her dynamic personality and unique academic pedigree have helped to solidify her reputation as a top local youth fitness instructor.
COURSES & CLUBS: Fit n Fun / Dance

Ms. Morgan Cohn
Art Teacher

Mrs. Morgan Cohn lives, sleeps, and breathes art. Mrs. Cohn is constantly looking for new ways to create and think about everything around her. She graduated at the top of her class from The Cooper Union for the advancement in Science and Art with a Bachelors in Art, and won countless awards there for her excellence in creativity and art. Mrs. Cohn has studied all forms of art, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, animation, graphic design, bookbinding, mixed media, fashion design, art history, and much more. Mrs. Cohn is excited to teach her vast knowledge of art and art history to the students of Shulamith High School for Girls. She aims to teach her students through technicality and conceptualism to understand that art has no boundaries, and affects every aspect in ones life. Mrs. Morgan Cohn joins Shulamith High School for Girls to teach all of grades 9-12 art classes, as well as direct the Studio Art program, and serve as resident art expert.

COURSES & CLUBS: Art Institute / Art / Photography / Fashion Illustration


Ms. Rivka Diamond
Judaics Studies Teacher

After studying in Michlalah, Rivky graduated Stern College for Women with a B.A. in Psychology. As an undergraduate, she had the opportunity to take graduate-level classes in both Bernard Revel School for Jewish Studies and the Azrieli School of Jewish Education while also taking part in the YUTeach Undergraduate fellowship as a cohort member. Rivky also served as a staff member of Michlelet NCSY.
After working in psychology research for a Jewish communal nonprofit for two years, Rivky joined the Shulamith team to teach Navi.

Ms. Debbie Einhorn
Earth Science Teacher

Debbie was born and raised in Brooklyn but she thinks she only has a slight Brooklyn accent. Ms. Einhorn graduated from City College of New York with a degree in geology. Many people ask why she chose geology.The answer is for a love of learning about the world and how it works. The more she learnt, the more in awe she become. Hashem created such an amazing world for us to live in and enjoy and she is so excited to be able to share her knowledge, experience and passion with the students.
COURSES: Earth Science

Rabbi Yitzchak Goodman
Judaics Studies Teacher

Originally from the Bay Area, Rabbi Yitzchak Goodman went on to pursue his love of Talmudic studies at the Mir and Brisk Yeshivot in Yerushalayim. Rabbi Goodman received smicha and a Masters in Talmudic Studies from Beth Medrash Govohah in Lakewood, NJ. He previously taught for 5 years at the Hebrew Academy of Miami Beach, and is energized to be joining the Shulamith team this year. Rabbi Goodman loves to share his excitement of Talmud Torah with his students and encourages them to have their own transformative experience in studying Hashem’s Torah. Rabbi Goodman looks forward each day to celebrating his students achievements and creating opportunities for a collaborative and inspired learning environment. Rabbi Goodman’s experience in differentiated instruction and kiruv leadership add a dynamic and exciting dimension to the Shulamith team.

COURSE: Halacha / Chumash

Ms. Susan Gross
Health & Nutrition Teacher

With an interest in health and nutrition since grade school, Susan Gross is excited to join our team. Ms. Gross obtained her degree in Nutrition from Queens College, New York, and became an NCCA approved Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, obtaining specializations in Behavior Change, Weight Management, and Youth Fitness through the American Academy of Exercise. Additionally, she continues to take new Continuing Education courses to ensure that her students stay current with our growing understanding of the science of nutrition.
Concerned about the confused state of todays’ notions of what is considered “healthy eating”, and the increasing incidences of food related diseases, as well as society’s body-image obsession, Ms. Gross set out to clarify this undertaught, yet vital subject. At the JCC’s Kosher Kidz Kafe`, Ms. Gross introduced basic healthy eating concepts to elementary school girls, showing the participants that taste doesn’t have to be compromised when cooking foods that are good for them. She is thrilled to be here at Shulamith High School, where she will be able to provide knowledge and inspiration to our girls, empowering them to make informed healthy choices for themselves- now, and for life.

COURSE: Health & Nutrition

Ms. Sarah Leah Gulkowitz
Judaics Studies Teacher and STEM Coordinator

As a member of both the Judaic Studies and Secular Studies departments, Ms. Sara Leah Gulkowitz’s passion to learn, inspire, and share Torah is maximized to contribute to the educational program at Shulamith High School. Ms. Gulkowitz earned her Judaic Studies Teaching Certification at Michlalah Jerusalem College for Women and is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Stern College for Women. Sara Leah was Division Head in Camp Sternberg as well as a special needs counselor at Kids of Courage. Ms. Gulkowitz brings her broad array of knowledge and youthful spirit to Shulamith High School in order to enhance the educational experience and ruach of our girls.

COURSE: Navi / Tehillim / STEM


Dr. Dora Haar
Science Teacher

Dr. Dora Chana Haar’s love of chemistry began in her own tenth grade Regents Chemistry class. That class in many ways set the course for her academic and professional career. She went from Regents Chemistry to AP Chemistry, followed by two summers in a materials science laboratory at Stony Brook University. She received her Pharm.D. at Long Island University’s Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy. Throughout this journey, she has been passionate about tutoring and helping others through their chemistry coursework both on the high school and college levels. Dr. Haar is looking forward to sharing her love of chemistry with the students at Shulamith High School.

COURSE: Chemistry

Ms. Tamar Herskowitz
Math and STEM Teacher

Born and raised in Far Rockaway and currently a resident of North Woodmere, Ms. Herskowitz brings with her a fresh approach to Math. Ms. Herskowitz has a Math degree from Brooklyn College and has previously taught in other high schools in our community. Ms. Herskowitz’s personalized approach with her students has helped her students achieve a 100% pass rate on the Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II Regents. Ms. Herskowitz specializes in making certain that every student completely understands the material and gives each student the time she needs to fully master the course work.
COURSES & CLUBS: Algebra / Geometry / STEM

Ms. Bracha Jacobson

Bracha Jacobson joins the team after studying in Michlalah for a year and a half and is currently a student in Touro College pursuing a Bachelors of Science with a focus on Biology. She was a Madricha at Michlelet this past summer and fell in love with preparing Chaburahs and using them to facilitate Torah discussion. She’s a mentor and friend to the girls and is always around to bond, learn and add ruach to everyday high school life.
COURSES & CLUBS: Parsha / Hashkafa / Tefilla / Cake Decorating / Glee

Ms. Elisheva Katz
Social Worker Intern

Completing her MSW in Touro Graduate School of Social Work, Elisheva joins our team as a Social Work Intern with a sense of mission, enthusiasm, and acutely attuned interpersonal skills. Her experience and affinity for working with teens in a myriad of settings — high school, seminary, summer camp, and mentoring programs — will serve as an invaluable resource to the school, providing essential guidance in helping students understand and reach their goals.
COURSES: SAFE: Social-Emotional learning

Ms. Sara Katz
English Teacher

Sarah Katz is delighted to join the faculty of Shulamith High School in the English Department. Born and raised in the Five Towns, Sarah always knew she wanted to use her love of reading and writing in her future career. After graduating from Stern College with a major in English & Creative Writing and a minor in Education, Sarah received her Masters in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Sarah’s interests in writing and theater have led to her involvement in journalism and the theater world, on which she has reported. She is enthusiastic about bringing her passion for English, writing, and theater into Shulamith’s classrooms.
COURSES & CLUBS: SAFE: English / Professional Communication / HS Newspaper

Rebbetzin Adina Katzenstein
Judaics Studies Teacher

Known as a prominent source of education, Hashkafa and guidance in the Five Towns for over 25 years, Mrs. Katzenstein brings her passion for Yiddishkeit and love for people to Shulamith High School as 12th grade teacher of Halacha. Mrs. Katzenstein hails originally from Chicago and attended BJJ of Jerusalem, Bais Yaakov L’Morot. She has taught every level of education, from three year olds to post high school seminary. Serving the Woodmere community and beyond in many educational capacities, she has held positions in Bais Yaakov H.S. Denver, HAFTR High School, Reenas Bais Yaakov and TMM. Her goal is to impart to her students an appreciation for the beauty of Halachic structure in the different stages of our Jewish Life Cycles. With love for each talmida, she hopes to instill in them the excitement, confidence and pride in being B’not Yisrael.

Mr. Jeff Lazar
History Teacher

Jeffrey Lazar is glad to be teaching closer to home after eight years at Yeshivah of Flatbush. Having grown up in Far Rockaway and the product of a YOSS and Mesivta Rambam education, Mr. Lazar is really excited to share his love of history with the next generation.. By combining his passion of both history and theater, completing both in a dual major in Queens College, history becomes more than just an intellectual exercise.
Mr. Lazar continued his education completing a master’s in history in Queens College and received a master’s in history from the CUNY Graduate Center while working towards completing his PHD in Ancient history (currently ABD).
COURSES & CLUBS: AP European History / Global Studies / American History / Israel and Zionism / Latin Club

Ms. Dina Mann

As the Athletics Coordinator, Ms. Dina Mann brings her passion for all things fitness and extensive coaching experience to the Shulamith team. She coordinated and directed a Women’s Basketball Club in the NY area for over 10 years and has used her knowledge and expertise to coach a number of schools to athletic success. She is an ACE certified personal trainer who works with teens and young adults and specializes in educating them how to infuse health and physical fitness into everyday life. By coaching both the basketball and volleyball teams, Ms. Mann hopes to empower the girls with strong athletic skills as well as focusing on team-building, communication skills and confidence!
COURSES & CLUBS: Skillz & Drillz / Tennis Club / Basketball / Volleyball


Ms. Temima Miller
Athletics, Israel Activism

Ms. Temima Miller coaches our softball club and coordinates Israel Activism. Originally from Israel, Coach T has immersed herself in sports: playing for the Israel Association of Baseball, the women’s Shomron basketball all-star team, coaching in camps, and competing in college softball. Coach T moved to the Five Towns after serving in Sherut Leumi and in the Israel Army.
Coach T received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Queens College and has worked in the mental health field for over 16 years and in education for over 6 years. She has a wide range of experiences working with teenage girls in middle school, high school, and in NCSY. She also has over 16 years of experience working with developmentally disabled teens and adults. Coach T is a licensed EMT and has over 10 years’ experience volunteering with the Woodmere Fire Department. With a passion for Chessed and Zionism, Coach T can be found supporting so many of our high school programs.
CLUBS: AIPAC / Softball / Yom HaZikaron / Celebrate Israel Parade / Yom Ha’Atzmaut / Chessed / Israel Awareness


Ms. Naomi Munk
Ivrit Teacher

Originally from Israel, Ms. Naomi Munk brings her passion for Hebrew and Zionism to every classroom she teaches in—a passion that resonates with her students. Ms. Munk’s goal is for every student to walk away from her classroom comfortable and proud speaking Hebrew. Her ultimate mission is for students to appreciate Hebrew as the language that is the foundation of our people, land, and religion. Ms. Munk achieves this goal through a rigorous curriculum that she has created and utilized in many schools, including Bruriah High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and most recently in Block Yeshiva High School in St. Louis. This curriculum includes a focus on the analysis of Hebrew literature, an absorption of Hebrew vocabulary through experiential education, and a study of Israeli history and culture.
Ms. Munk received her bachelor’s degree from Bar Ilan University and furthered her studies in Orot Teachers College in Israel. She has lectured frequently on pedagogical approaches to learning Hebrew in the United States and Canada. When not in the classroom, you can find Ms. Munk developing her other passions: exercising, taking (very long) walks, and sitting in coffee shops (while speaking Hebrew, of course!).
COURSES & CLUBS: Chumash / Ivrit / Yediyot Klaliyot / Hebrew Café / Foundations of Judaism / Israel Activism

Ms. Simi Petegorsky
Judaics Studies Teacher

Ms. Simi Petegorsky has joined the Shulamith faculty with decades of experience teaching Torah and Hashkafa. She inspires her students with passion and enthusiasm, helping them develop a true love to learn and succeed.
Hailing from the Midwest, Ms. Petegorsky went on to study in the
prestigious Seminar Bais Yaakov LeMorot/ BJJ of Jerusalem, where she received her teacher training and certificate. She then went on to teach Chumash, Navi, Parsha, Megila, Tefilah, and Hashkafa in St. Louis, Detroit, and Cleveland, and now continues teaching locally.
Ms. Petegorsky has experience teaching complex Hashkafa-oriented subjects in a loving, heartfelt, and compassionate way. She develops a close and warm long-lasting relationship with each one of her students. Her goal is to connect to the heart of her students, helping them develop a true love towards Hashem, while leaving them with inspiring lessons and practical tools which they can use throughout their lifetime.
COURSES & CLUBS: Chumash / Sichot Mussar

Ms. Shifra Raskin
Math Teacher and Ed Tech Coordinator

Ms. Shifra Raskin was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes. A life-long love of anything math-related has led her to join the faculty of Shulamith as a mathematics teacher.
Ms. Raskin received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Stern College for Women and a master’s degree in Biostatistics from Columbia University. Ms. Raskin spent several years as a statistician in the healthcare industry before transitioning to a career in teaching. Ms. Raskin brings her passion and enthusiasm for working with teens from her time as head counselor in Camp Sternberg to her role as teacher and mentor
in Shulamith.
COURSES & CLUBS: Algebra / Computer Applications / Chess / Tennis

Ms. Rivky Rubin
English and History Teacher

Ms. Rivky Rubin spent a few years in her early childhood thinking she would become the president’s speechwriter. At least, that’s what her 4th grade English teacher told her she should be. While that dream didn’t last very long, Ms. Rubin’s love for (mostly persuasive) writing continued to grow. That passion led her to opt in to two years of AP English in high school, to participate in many essay contests (some of which she has won), to a stint in publishing and to teaching English Literature and Language, both in Israel and in America.
In Michlalah, Ms. Rubin started combining her love for English with her ambition to teach it. With a teacher’s degree from Michlalah, Ms. Rubin went on to get her B.A. in English Literature from Touro College and her M.S. in Secondary Education from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration.
Now living in Far Rockaway with her husband and daughter, Ms. Rubin is excited to be joining Shulamith this coming year and looking forward to discovering the power of literature and language together with her students.
COURSES & CLUBS: English / American History / Jewish History

Ms. Yael Saffra
Ivrit Teacher

Yael Saffra completed her Bachelors degree at Stern College, and has a masters in Jewish Education from The Azrieli School of Yeshiva University. Additionally she received a Morah Lagola degree from Orot College for Women in Israel. Yael is an experienced Jewish educator with more than twenty years of experience in both formal and informal settings. She has taught elementary, high school, and adults locally as well as in Manhattan. Additionally, Yael has worked for Bnei Akiva North America in educational programming in Zionism and Holocaust Education. She brings to Shulamith a love of Eretz Yisrael and modern Hebrew Language. Yael and her husband Dr. Norman and their four amazing children, and many tropical fish, have lived in the 5 Towns for the last eighteen years.

Ms. Janet Salman
Learning Lab Specialist and College Guidance

Ms. Janet Salman is a recent arrival to the Five Towns community and is excited to join the Shulamith team as a Learning Lab Specialist and College Guidance Counselor. Dedicated to helping every student find her own path to success, Ms. Salman is an ardent believer in the twin powers of passion and perseverance. She strives to form positive and supportive relationships with each of her students in the belief that a student who feels supported will also feel confident and empowered.
Ms. Salman holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Brooklyn College, a J.D. from the Cardozo School of Law, and a master’s degree in education and special education from Touro College. In over two decades of teaching, Ms. Salman has taught at every grade level from pre-K through college, in both the classroom and the resource room.
She is particularly proud of her three wonderful children, and of her ability to write upside down.

Ms. Seffi Schofield
History Teacher

Ms. Seffi Schofield has a love of all things history. Ms. Schofield enjoys traveling and brings her journeys and imagination into her classroom. A theater enthusiast, she makes history come alive and compels students to question the past. It is Ms. Schofield’s belief that every student should be challenged and inspired.
Ms. Schofield graduated Summa Cum Laude from Queens College with a dual bachelor’s degree in History and Jewish Studies. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Social Studies Education at Queens College. After teaching in the NYC public school system for several years, Ms. Schofield is thrilled to be joining the Shulamith family.
COURSES & CLUBS: Global History / American History / American Sign Language / Immigration Studies

Miriam Siegel

Ms. Miriam Siegel
Math Teacher

Miriam Siegel brings to her teaching a passion for educating students and a deep caring for each student’s individual success and growth. A certified math geek, she absolutely loves math and loves helping students to acquire essential skills. She experiences tremendous nachas when students who claim to “hate math” or to “be bad at math” actually end up proclaiming that “math is fun!” Ms. Siegel is continually fascinated by the different ways that students learn and she can teach concepts in a number of diverse ways depending on the unique needs of the student.
Ms. Siegel is New York State-certified in special education K-12, and mathematics education 7-12. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brandeis University and a master’s degree in special education K-12 and math education 7-12 from Hofstra University. She has over a decade of experience teaching math at the high school level to students with and without learning disabilities.
COURSES: Geometry / Algebra / Pre-Calculus


Ms. Esther Wein
Judaics Studies Teacher

Esther Wein has been teaching Jewish women for close to 30 years.
Esther Wein has been teaching Jewish women for close to 30 years.
She is known for teaching subjects such as Parsha, Tefillah, Navi, and History on an intellectually advanced level, but gearing her shiurim towards students with all levels of education.
With a strong text based and philosophical emphasis, she strives to expose students to fundamental Jewish ideas and their eternal truths. Drawing on great masters spanning from the Midrash, Rambam, and Ramban, to more modern thinkers such as the Maharal, Ramchal, Rav Hirsh, her grandfather Rav Shimon Schwab, and LBLCT Rav Moshe Shapiro, she excites and inspires her audience with the ingenuity and profundity that is hiding just beneath the surface of the text.
COURSE: Hashkafa / Parsha

Bidy Winkler (2)

Ms. Bidy Winkler
Foreign Language Teacher

An incredibly fun and creative thinker, Ms. Bidy Winkler teaches foreign language at Shulamith High School. Ms. Winkler has taught for more than a decade in many educational institutions: including in New York City Department of Education, Queens College, Yeshiva University High School for Girls, and Stella K. Abraham High School. Her natural talent for teaching is apparent in her professional, inventive, and structured lessons. She is fluent in both Spanish and French. Ms. Winkler received a bachelor’s and master’s with high honors in Hispanic languages and literature from Queens College, where she was the president of the Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honor Society.
COURSE: Spanish


Ms. Adina Wolf
Judaics Teacher & Mechanechet

Ms. Adina Wolf aspires to connect with and inspire her students through the embracing and magnetic force of Torah. A seasoned teacher at Shulamith High School, Ms. Wolf is excited to be teaching Navi and Foundations (Jewish Philosophy) and leading the “Get Vocal” and “Chopped” clubs. An alumna of Michlalah Jerusalem College and Stern College for Women, where she majored in psychology and Judaic Studies, she combines a warmth for our girls with a passion for Yahadut and an enthusiasm for teaching. Ms. Wolf and her family live in Woodmere, where she serves as a Rebbetzin at the Young Israel of Woodmere.
COURSES & CLUBS: Navi / Foundations / Parsha