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Guess how many mishloach manot could be packaged on a Sunday morning…

Shulamith HS does not end when the bell rings or the weekend begins.

From Chessed events, after school sports and clubs to cultural excursions, our students are always up to something good!  This past Sunday, our girls volunteered to help package mishloach manot at the Keren Aniyem Purim Headquarters in Brooklyn.  Together, our girls put together 524 mishloach manot that will be purchased by people throughout the Tri-State area and beyond.

Our Chessed program, coordinated by Ms. Shoshana Fischman, is designed to help girls to discover chessed opportunities, and to inspire them to live a life of giving.  At each event, our students meet with the strong men and women who dedicate their lives to giving and making a difference.

At Keren Aniyem, the girls had fun meeting the founder of this program, Mrs. Susie Gulkowitz, who told them the story about how the project began.  Starting out of her basement, she sold about 500 packages in their first year.  The organization has now grown to packaging 36,000 mishloach manot a year! The proceeds of these mishloach manot help feed 400+ needy families.

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