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Back-to-school blues? Not at Shulamith High School! Tuesday was the first day of something exciting and new: the 2017-18 school year. We welcomed new Freshman and returning Sophomores and Juniors (plus a few new Sophomores and Juniors) to a year of learning and growth. Both old-timers and newcomers felt the energy pulsing in the halls.

“The best part of today was meeting new friends,” 9th grader Rachel Schwartz said. Mrs. Rivky Diamond, a new teacher this year, felt a similar way. “I loved that the kids came over to introduce themselves to me and were so lively. Girls were making conversation with each other and reaching out to new students to get them involved.”

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The day centered on friendship, setting students up for success, and pride.  As students stepped out of their cars, they walked straight into back-to-school excitement (only slightly more exciting than everyday school life at Shulamith!).

Greeted by balloons, warm hugs, and happy music, students ran to their friends and teachers and joyfully hugged them.  They picked up welcome bags, tried on new jackets, smiled for their photos, and got ready for a day filled with activities, tech training, logistics, and collaboration.

One of the highlights was the team-building workshop each grade participated in. Each grade’s game was focused on working together to accomplish a shared goal. Working together as a team will be a key skill to success, not just for high school, but for life.


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Students set up their iPads, chose electives, and set up their Schoology accounts. They learned how to use Parent Locker, Gmail, and Notability.
The club fair was a popular event, buzzing with excitement. With choices that included volleyball, photography, STEM club, tennis, iMovie, glam magazine, chess, fashion design, playwriting, the Hebrew coffee club, and so much more…  “There are just so many awesome choices! I want to do it all!” said Sophomore Avital Meyers.

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“There is just a lot of high energy and positivity,” said art teacher Ms. Shelley Adelson. “I overheard students buzzing about the Art Institute.  It’s an incredible program, and I’m excited to see what the girls will create.”

Kol hakavod to the faculty and staff who worked so hard to put together an amazing first day!


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We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

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