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Trusting One Another…


The school year is in full swing!

As the second week comes to a close, school hardly feels like a “new beginning” anymore. Instead, Shulamith High School is a place where each student feels at home and part of our team.

Honing in on team building and friendships, our 9th and 10th grade classes each participated in individual grade retreats this week.

Swinging Through The Trees




Our 9th graders learned to work together through a collaborative “trust” ropes course on Monday, helping each other hang from branches and jump from trees. Holding hands and cheering on their peers, the girls coached one another and fused many ideas together to come up with a strategy and complete a series of challenges while swinging in the air.

“They really worked together,” said Ms. Shifra Raskin, our 9th grade advisor and Algebra teacher. “They had to help each other using trees and ropes, and they did so, while encouraging each other and enthusiastically cheering one another on. There was no negativity, and they were all super friendly and supportive.”

The girls cheered each other on continuously, and motivated one another to move forward and succeed. “You had a whole crowd cheering for you and encouraging you,” said 9th grader Tamar Mann. “This trip helped me bond with people in a way that I otherwise would not have had the chance to.”

Escape The Room



On Wednesday our 10th graders put their heads together to find hidden objects and solve clues to earn their freedom and “Escape the Room.”

They headed to Manhattan and had lunch in the park before venturing to “Escape the Room.” Only twenty percent of those who try are successful at escaping within the hour allotted to them.  The teachers waited outside of the room while the students worked together to solve all of the puzzles and challenges involved in escaping. We are proud to say that our 10th grade students finished at 58:08 without any help from the teachers!  The students were excited to have the opportunity to work together as a team and were excited to have escaped.

“Everyone had something to contribute which only made it more exciting,” said 10th grader Sela Pollack. “All of our efforts and teamwork really paid off because we escaped the room!”

The month of September continues with learning, Chessed and preparation for the ימים נוראים


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