Why do our feet smell?

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Last night, our biology class extended their learning beyond the classroom with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History to enhance their biology unit on bacteria.

Our visit began at the new “Secret World Inside of You” exhibit, where our students explored our symbiotic relationship with bacteria, and learned about a few of the hundred types of bacteria that reside on and inside every human being.  We discovered that although bacteria are often perceived as harmful, in reality they play an integral role in maintaining homeostasis in our bodies. Oh, and feet smell because of the bacteria that grows in wet or sweaty places.

Afterwards, students had the opportunity to pursue their interests by exploring an exhibit of their choice on their own, enjoying the art of discovery and museum exploration.

The trip enabled our students to engage with science in a new way, and to explore the biological world beyond the confines of our curriculum.

Kudos to Ms Vais for making biology come alive!



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